July 23, 2002

Just an update

Not much new in the Realm of Rob. It's too early to think. I'm trying to make some decisions about my WIP. I've got what could be a cool twist toward the end. I've been thinking about using it, but it'll take some literary dancing to pull it off and at the same time cuts off an entire possible viewpoint. At the same point, not getting into this particular character's head might in fact add to the sense of his impenetrability. My main character, this boy's father, has a broken relationship with his son, crippled even more so by the father's own self-doubts. And the kid's "delinquent" behavior is something of a mystery to his father. By staying out of the kid's VP, I could make his behavior a mystery to the reader as well. Which will only crank up the shock when I drop the bomb at the end.

I think I've already made up my mind. But if I don't have the kid's VP to work with, I need a couple more characters whose VP I can get into. Right now I have a decent number of nameless, faceless supporting roles that are automatic to the story. So I'll either have to flesh a couple of those out, or make up someone new. For now, I think I'll try both and see what happens.

'Nuf said