July 28, 2002

Getting Ready to Rumble

Things have picked up in Holly's class and she body slammed us with a ton of homework. But this is good. We're getting into the meat of our stories now. This also means I'm at another crossroads in developing this story. The question of the "love interest." Should I develop one or not. I've envisioned it both ways. My gut tells me it'll only detract from the MC's relationship with his son. But I won't want the story to feel empty or n too narrowly plotted. I do need some more characters and I need to decide if one of them is going to have an attraction to Paul. But Paul's already working really hard to forge his relationship with his son. Any more relationshipping might be overlead. Yeah. Think I've just made my decision on that. But this doesn't mean another pair of characters can't fall in love. Hmmm.

I need some characters with subplot potential, some more viewpoints. Lucky for me I dropped the twist ending and can now use the son as a viewpoint. Maybe he gets a subplot? Perhaps, if I attend the Breakout Clinic today I can brainstorm with classmates and find some characters that work.