August 07, 2003

Orientation Day

Yesterday I had my new student orientation at Columbia College. Unlike my experience with this sort of thing in the past, this orientation was mercifully lacking in cheesiness, and instead was fused with solid information about the school and my department in particular. To top it off, I won a $25 gift certificate for the school's bookstore.

An important part of the orientation was registration. I managed to snag all the classes I wanted and somehow shoved them into two days. Now I can work the other three days of the week and still have weekends to read, write, read, write, write, and sleep write. I could call all that writing/reading "homework," but that makes it sound less fun.

I now have a Columbia College student ID with a picture that actually turned out quite nicely. In fact, the only negative from today is an ongoing screw-up with my financial aid. (Who's surprised?) But I know all my paperwork is in order, so it's just a matter of beating those dolts over the head enough times until they fix their mistake.

Now only 46 more days until the start of the semester. Seems like forever.