August 19, 2002

Another One Down

Finished my article today. I'd outlined it last night after finishing my plotting. This morning I sat down and it just flew. It's about 1500 words and only required a bit of revision...unlike the last Vision article I did with a final draft that bears only passing resemblance to the first draft. It was nice to do actual writing. Nice to know I can still do it. And though I never had much interest in non-fiction before, I really like writing articles for Vision.

Reading News: I had to stop reading T. Jefferson Parker's Where Serpents Lie to finishing my plotting, and right when it was getting good. It's a chilling thriller with a flawed and interesting main character. Definately top notch work. Thought at times the MC's first-person interior monologues can get a bit windy. But the story really cranks into high gear and the prose is smooth. Now I just need some time to finish it! Next on my reading list: Holly Lisle's Memory of Fire. Very excited about this. After that I'll probably read the next two books in S.L. Veihl's Stardoc series. I have got to know what happens after that nasty cliffhanger at the end of Beyond Varallan.