August 18, 2002

Plot, Plot, Plot

Almost sounds like a plane running out of gas, doesn't it. Which is how I felt while working on my plot last night. Man, I had things working out until I realized I'd mixed up a couple of important scenes, thinking they were the same, and thus watched my structure crumble. I spent the rest of the night trying to figure out how to rebuild, but kept getting scrambled by my own thoughts.

After sleeping on the problem, this morning I tediously picked through what I had and after about a decade, finally figured out a way to fix things. Now I'm about halfway done and a lot has shifted since starting. I've already thrown out a number of scenes that make no sense and have a feeling I'll chuck quite a few more before the day's done. This means creating a cache of new scenes. But maybe it won't be so bad. I must finish this today, and Beth wants to get out of the house today, too. Which sounds like a great idea, but between my cough (slowly going away, finally) and my plotting, I'm not so sure we'll make it. Let us not forget that I still have an article to write. Looks like that's work for tomorrow.

Damn good thing I enjoy writing.