October 08, 2002

1420 Words

And the bloodshed's about to begin. Sorry. Couldn't resist a little drama. Anyway, I put in a little extra work today, and I'm glad for it. Things are moving again, and while I'm still disgusted by the quality of my writing, I keep reminding myself that I've got a rewrite coming which will fix it all. It has in the past, it will this time. Not to mention that my writing is often not as bad as I think it is. Sometimes it is, but often it is not.

Finally in Liam's viewpoint and just inches away from page 100. I kind of like that structurally. Page 100 will be the first "on-stage" murder and I've got some cool ideas about how it's going to go. Not according to Liam's plan of course. Just a little variable to crank up the tension (I hope).