September 21, 2002

1175 Words and a Plan

Nice little writing day. I know. Saturday is supposed to be my day off, but I'm flipping Saturday with Sunday this week. Today's writing went well enough. Came up with an unplanned little scene that I hope will add resonance as well as give the reader a chance to see Paul's thoughts about the thing with Stephen the night before.

I've come up with a plan for writing this novel, as I've come to terms with the fact that my schedule will not allow me to finish before Christmas like I'd hoped. This plan is based on my writing six days a week, with about an hour or so a day during the five weekdays, and one open ended day on the weekend. My daily goal is 1000 words. That's my average for an hour of writing, so it should work out okay. But we all know how averages go. That's why I've also added a weekly goal of 6000 words. Anyone who's at all competent with math might wonder on the redundancy of my weekly goal, but let me explain. This means if I only manage to write 900 words each day of the week in my hour-a-day, I can pick up the change on my open ended weekend day. So in this case, on Sunday I'd write 1500 words, thus bringing my weekly total to 6000. Neat, huh? You see, my problem isn't one of getting the work done, but of having the time to do as much of the work as I would like. Granted, if I miss three days during the week, I'm not going to write 4000 words on Sunday. (I might, but I wouldn't feel I had to.) These are just rough goals to keep things steady. Which is good enough for me. This is only writing after all, not world peace negotiations.

At the same point, if I have a good week, I might be able to use my Sunday to work on rewrites of short stories and get some of those sent out. Pretty cool, eh?