May 08, 2003

End of Semester Blues

As the end of the semester slowly nears (and I do mean slowly), I find myself slipping behind in my school work. Nothing serious; not yet at least. But I just want to be done with this. I'm getting cranky because the classes seem so pointless. I'm already accepted to the school I really want to go to. Why bother with these, right? Except that I paid for them, and the credits will transfer, and that means two less general education classes I'll ever have to take again...ever. Still, it's hard to keep things in perspective when I've got this dang rewrite calling me, meanwhile the rest of my world seems to be falling down around me like I'm freakin Chicken Little or something. But that's all old news.

I'm still debating about what to write next. The novel I assumed I'd write just doesn't grab me anymore. When I conceived the idea, long before I wrote my current WIP, it felt fresh and meaningful. Now it feels flat and shallow. Might be I learned something from the current WIP that makes that last idea obsolete. I've tried rearranging the pieces of the old idea, but nothing's pinching me in the ass, saying, "Oh, oh, you gotta write that!" I might just have to lay that one to rest. But if I do, I'm going to have to pirate the title I have for it. I like it way too much. So the trick might be to come up with some other idea that still fits the title. Hmmmm.