March 12, 2003


So I've got this eye-ointment (cost me $85) that I have to put into my eye three times a day and that blurs my vision in a major way for the first 30 minutes after I put it in. It's frustrating, messy (this goop oozes steadily over the edges of my eyes and into my eyelashes) and I'm not even sure it's working. That's just an update on that whole mess.

Writing is going okay. I'm about to sit down and continue my manuscript mark-up in a bit. Yesterday I took my first test in Psychology (a joke of a class if ever there was one) and think I did quite well. No class on Thursday, so I'm very happy about that. Might even be able to squeeze in some writing if I can get my other homework done.

I have to balance my checkbook today. I think I might be in the negative numbers and my car needs gas (which is over $2 a gallon here in sunny California) in order to get to work. I guess I'm finally living up to the starving artist image. Whoopee for me, huh? All good motivation for me to finish this damn novel, though.

Still haven't heard from Ellery Queen about the story I sent them. Every once in a while I delude myself into thinking they might buy the story and that'll be the tiny ray of sunlight during these glum days of late. Anything's possible, right?