August 23, 2003

Three Points for Hanging in There

Dang, am I glad I didn't give up on that short story. Did around 1200 words of it today after going over and editing what I did yesterday and I really like this little story now. It's taking off. Note to self: Never decide a story's fate after a bad day.

And the stuff I did yesterday isn't nearly as horrible as I thought. Why does the mind play tricks like that? How can something I wrote thinking the whole time I wrote it that it was terrible turn out to be pretty good stuff? I am mystified. Not only that, the material I thought was a major digression and would end up making this story go on forever ended up tying in perfectly with the following scene and now it looks like this piece will remain a short story.

Reading News: Started reading Holly Lisle's Memory of Fire last night. Wow. That sucker moves. Likable characters, lots of action. I have a feeling I'll be raving about this one. Oh, um, does this already qualify?

I love good books.