September 05, 2002

1300 words in an hour

I decided today, due to the roof of my life caving in (once again) that I'd have to scale back my writing time to an hour a day, instead of the two to three I've been doing. This might only be temporary, especially since I'd really like to get in a sold 2 hours when working on the novel, but there's so many things I have to take care of, I need the extra time. The good news is, I can still manage to be pretty productive in that time. I wrote the bulk of my last novel in one hour every morning at 5 AM, before trucking off to the day job. It worked well enough. I seem to average about 1000 words an hour (if I know what I'm doing). This doesn't always happen, of course. But my schedule is also flexible enough that if I don't hit 1000 words, I can hang in a little longer to get there. Any less than 1000 words a day gets very frustrating for me. Happily, today I managed 1300 words in my hour. From there I went to the dreaded checkbook to find out why there's a $70 discrepancy between what I calculate I have and what the bank says I have. (Incase you haven't guessed, that's $70 in the bank's favor, not mine.) Just one more bump in the road. At least I'm writing every day.

Short story is still plugging along. Still not sure what to think of it. I may have, perhaps, "picked this one too green," as Damon Knight would say. The problem? I have yet to figure out how my main character is going to get out of his predicament. I knew I should have thought of that before starting, but I was so anxious to hop into another story. Oh, well...I'll figure something out.