September 15, 2002

Back to Work

Yesterday was my day off, and it was pretty rough. I have to finish revising my novel's first scene and post it today. I hope I can salvage this thing. Part of me thinks I can. A good sign, perhaps.

I'm also itching to do another revision on My Brother's Keeper after getting an excellent and really helpful critique that illuminated the faults I sensed but just couldn't see.

Meanwhile, my short story Caged remains to be revised, and an untitled short percolates in my mind and could be ready to write any day now. Just goes to show that work begets more work when it comes to writing. The more I write, the more ideas I get, the more I have to write. The more I want to write, too.

I also think I know how to revise an old SF story that made the rounds and got rejected. So I'd like to get to that sometime too. It would be nice to sell a few shorts; I could use the encouragement.