November 13, 2002

Very Excited

Only 1088 words today because I had to do some minor reworking of my plot. I added a small scene to plant the seed for a later, major development. There was a scene I had in the planning stages I wasn't sure how I was going to pull off, but this sets it up nicely now. Also switched some things around. And in the coming scenes there's going to be some serious wreckage to my main character's life. Options closed off, stakes raised, and a friendship damaged that might not get repaired before that friend dies. I've finally reached the half-way mark, page 250, today. So this mid-point chaos I have planned is right on time. And according to a glance at the calendar, it looks like I still might finish before I leave for the Holidays. If not, I'll take it with me and have it finished before Christmas morning for sure. Well...not "for sure." You never know with these things. But it's possible. Fingers crossed.