December 05, 2002

1126 Words

Definitely not earth-shattering, but I wrote a very important scene that I skipped over yesterday. It was a tough scene to write. This is probably the reason why I skipped it in the first place. But this morning, I sat down with my legal pad and sketched out the main elements of the scene, and that helped put it into focus. Once I sat down to write it, it flowed pretty well. And it was a short scene, so I was able to finish it off. Now I can get back to the regular flow of the book. I'm still pretty worn out by all my second-guessing, but I'm getting my strength back. I realized last night that there is nothing terribly wrong with the book. As far as first drafts go, it's pretty strong actually. But I caught myself trying to look at the Big Picture instead of taking things one step at a time. Instead of focusing on how to make the next scene work, I was worrying about future scenes I've yet to write, the book as a whole, and the revisions I'm going to have to make when the first draft is finished. This last part is always a big worry of mine, but experience tells me I can tackle those revisions when the time comes, and there's no point in worrying about revision if I don't even have a first draft completed. Duh! So now I'm going to get back to focusing on each scene as I come to it, and only that scene. It's worked so far. I also find, when I only worry about what I have to do today, tomorrow's work--and even next week's work--tends to take care of itself. One day at a time, as the saying goes. I think I can do that.