December 03, 2002

256 Words

Can you stand it? I debated even bothering to post today's word-count, but figured this would be a prime example of what happens when you reach the second half of your novel and you've got to start carrying all those neat little threads you planted in the first half that weren't in the outline. Today I finished a scene (and liked how I ended it) which led me to start thinking about where I was going to take the view-point character next. I'm going to have to come up with a scene for him that I hadn't planned, but will work really well with the character. And I need to make this scene a turning point in the character's life, so it ain't going to be easy. That got me staring into space for a half-hour or so, and I burned up the rest of my writing time trying to figure out how to readjust my plot accordingly. It happens. But it's never a happy occasion to see such a low word-count as a result. Still, I'm once again excited by the book's possibilities and hope my rhythm will return soon. Like, tomorrow!