January 07, 2003

It's good to be back to writing

It's also good to be out of 20 degree weather and back to the mid 70s.

I did write a bit yesterday, but not much worth mentioning. Today I got 1545 words, though. Feels good, too. I think the scene's working. As you may have noted, I did not finish the book before the New Year. I wasn't able to get much writing done while I was out of town. But now that I'm getting back to the old routine, things should go a bit smoother. I'm going to finish this damn book before the end of the month even if it cripples me. There's really no foreseeable reason why I can't do it. But notice I added the word foreseeable in there just to be safe.

Hope everyone's writing and life is going well. Let's hear it for a new year! I'm praying 2003 is a lot better than 2002. (I'd like to forget most of 2002 even happened.)