September 04, 2003

Revision Revisited

Started doing a read through of the second draft of "Light and Shadow" last night. Didn't get very far 'cause I was dog tired. I think I'm still recovering from the eventful last weekend (a weekend which started on Wednesday and ended on Monday). Some of the writing is has more clunk than I like, but that's nothing a final polish won't fix. That's not my concern right now. My concern is to fix the broken storyline, which has my character doing things a little too over the top. I can reign this puppy in, though, and really have a good story on my hands. There's some technical/research stuff about paints and stuff that Beth caught for me too. So I'll have to go through and fix all that, too. No big deal. If I get to it tonight, I should have the read-through and note-taking done. Tomorrow I can start making the major fixes. If it works, then I'll move onto the polish and get this story out the door.