August 22, 2002

Another Shitty First Draft

coming right up. Managed just shy of 1400 words on my short story today. It's not going very well. It's growing a lot bigger than I wanted it to, which always seems to happen when I write short stories. But this one is very dependent on events that happened five years before the story started, so I'm slipping back and forth in time and that's eating up wordage. Most of it I'll have to seriously trim when it comes time to revise. I could easily see this story at novel length, but it's not a story I'm interested enough in to spend that kind of time with. And I'm already working on a novel, thank you very much.

I'm afraid I might end up killing this one before it's done. Maybe try to tackle it from a different angle. Right now it just feels like it's rambling. There's more exposition than scene, and the one scene I do have is mostly lame. Back to drawing board? I'll have to think about it.