September 02, 2002

Blogger Down; Lost in the Mountains

Well, it seems blogger didn't want to publish a post I'd written several days ago, but it looks like things are working again. I haven't blogged all weekend because I was up in Big Bear at a friend's cabin. We had a nice time--lots of walking, lounging, and eating. We did get a little lost on one of our hikes when we left the trail. Ooops. But we managed to find our way back before it got too scary. And no run ins with coyotes or mountain lions, just a lot of rock climbing and scanning a horizon that looked pretty much the same in all directions. You know? Fun!

Even wrote a bit. Started a short story I'd been kicking around in my head. Not sure what I think yet, but experience has taught me not to make any judgments yet. This story features characters from my last novel.

Oh, yeah. I have another article in Vision, so you better go take a look