January 13, 2003

1711 Words

Took the weekend off to get some stuff done that was on hold for the two weeks we were away. Also spent some time having fun when we could. Saw a couple good movies. First off, Narc is probably the best crime movie to come along since Pulp Fiction, though it's a completely different kind of movie than Pulp--much more realistic. And it very well may be the best cop movie since...I dunno... Serpico? Go see it. Now! The other flick we saw was Adaptation. This movie made me like Nicolas Cage again--an actor I'd started to get sick of for his rather one-note performances. It's a clever and funny movie, and anyone who's ever spent some time in the world of screenwriting (professionally or as an amateur) will doubly appreciate this film. The running gag about Robert McKee and his writing seminar is especially funny.

As for the writing, as you can see by this entry's title, I've got another nice hunk of words done. I reread the last scene I did on Friday, too, and really liked what I did. I'm sort of awed, however, with how much I've changed this book since writing it. There's going to be a lot of revision going on. But I've kept pretty good notes on what I want and need to change, so that should make it easier. The scenes are getting shorter as the novel closes in on the climax, so as I suspected, writing this last section is continuing to pick up speed. I've increased my writing time a little bit and plan to maintain this schedule until the end of the book. I've estimated a finish in about two weeks. It might take a little bit longer, but I have a four-day weekend coming this weekend and three out of those four days to myself, so I might use that time to get in some more writing. Keep your fingers crossed I don't run into any more disasters between now and the end.