January 17, 2003

2045 and 2071 Words

That's for yesterday and today. Today was tough. I came to the big trouble spot that I'd anticipated since planning the book, and sure enough I wasn't able to pull it off the way I wanted to. But I think I did okay with it. I'll probably want to change it when it comes time for the rewrite. If I don't change it, I'm definitely going to have to better plant it, because it's sort of out-of-the-blue as it stands now. But I'm through it, and for now that's all that counts. I'm so close to finishing this thing. I've got eleven more planned scenes to write and that's it. Some of those will be short scenes, too. Though the climax will probably run longer than most. I'll be glad when this one is done. It's taken a lot out of me. It's also gotten very messy. I need some time away from it because it's going to require some heavy rewriting. Ah, well. If anything, I've learned A LOT from writing this book. After this one, nothing I write will ever be the same.