January 14, 2003

Computer is Dead

Of all the bad things that have happened in the past couple months--from a fender-bender that's gonna cost me 500 bucks to fix, to not getting paid for the two weeks my workplace was closed over the holidays--this is probably the worst. My computer, sad to say, is my life-line. It's got all my writings on it, it holds my thousand and one dream worlds where I can escape the crap of my life for a little while and cling to some hope that I'll make it through these rocky times. Now, that is gone. For some reason when I press the ON button on my computer nothing happens. The thing's gone dead, completely dead. Now, I have my novel backed up on disk. And, lucky for me, my girlfriend has a laptop that she can let me borrow (which is where I'm writing this entry), but I've got a bunch of notes as well as short-stories and random musings on my hard drive that I can't access now. Yes, I'm stupid. Not everything is backed up on disk. I'm too poor to buy enough disks to back everything up, and too dumb to think that my computer could just up and die for no apparent reason one day. Needless to say, I'm feeling kind of queasy about the whole thing. I have some theories about the problem. The switch might just be shorted. This is probably fixable...for someone who has the money to get it fixed. Alas, I am not that person. (Remember the 500 bucks for the car repairs.) Never mind the money I was supposed to use for school this semester which has to go toward paying my car insurance (good thing I have that) because I didn't get paid for two weeks over the holidays. Am I complaining? Damn right. I usually like to keep this blog strictly for writing stuff, but I just had to blow some steam off, so you, Dear Blog Readers, are the unfortunate victims of my diatribe. Please forgive.

I think I've whined enough. Don't know how often this blog will be updated. Don't know how long it will be until I have my own working computer again. Don't know much about anything at the moment. My future has never been more uncertain.

'Nuf said.