February 24, 2003

Clumsy Me

Did more rewriting this morning. Made considerably more progress than yesterday, but I still feel awkward in this process. I make a bunch of changes, then realize I forgot something and have to go back and make some more changes. I run out of room on the page while madly scribbling entire new sections to scenes. I realize I need some sort of new scene tucked in toward the beginning, though I'm not sure which scene. But then I get so caught up in the work that I look up and see I've gone 20 minutes over my writing time and need to get going and get ready for work. I feel like a klutz when rewriting. Yet, while I'm stumbling through the words I occasionally see glimpses of something good. The self-doubt still lingers, though. I just keep telling myself it's okay, I'm done making mistakes--I'm fixing them now.