February 11, 2003

kind of directionless

Lots of changes and issues going on right now. Just trying to survive through the storm. School starts a week from today. Still don't know if my financial aid will come through.

On a writing note, I've been playing with a few things, doing some brainstorming, a little outlining. I may start work on another short story any day now. I've also started working up some notes for a screenplay I might do in the future, but that won't be for a while. I've got rewrites pending on The Novel, which I'll probably start once school gets underway and I can refigure my schedule to accomodate. My most recent finished short story, "My Brother's Keeper," which was rejected a while back my Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine is over at Ellery Queen's now, waiting in line for another form rejection.

And that's about all I can think to report at the moment.