February 14, 2003

Something to Check Out

I ran across the weblog of Charles Deemer http://cdeemer.blogspot.com/ --screenwriter, teacher, and author of one of the coolest writing "books" around. The book is Screenwright: The Craft of Screenwriting, and it's a hypertext book. Not an e-book. But something all together original and a perfect format for what Deemer's attempting in the book. It's set up like a website, only you don't have to be online to run it. But there's hyperlinks leading through different paths of the book so that you pretty much make your own way through the course, learning based on your own tendencies as a writer. Actually, I'm doing a terrible job of describing it. But you should check out the software (even if not writing scripts--a lot can be applied to novel writing too) http://www.pcez.com/~cdeemer/index.htm.

As for me: This morning I'm doing some more research in preparation for the rewrite of The Novel.