March 19, 2003

It's Started

We're at war, again. Can't really think of anything to say. I hope we're not seriously fucking up here.

Good luck to our troops and to the civilians.

March 16, 2003

Pass One Complete

I've gone all the way through the manuscript and marked it all up. I've chopped a bunch of stuff and made notes for new material. I think I even made some sense out of a really twisted section toward the end, though in that section I cut 50 pages worth of material that will have to be rewritten from scratch. I have a lot more "from scratch" to do than I like, but that's what I get for letting some plot ends dangle instead of cleaning them up during the outline stage. Anyway, the next step is to trudge through the script once more, entering changes and writing new stuff. Then I have every intention of doing a final polish after that before letting the book be read. I'm still hoping I can finish all this before my birthday in April, but we'll see. I've got about five weeks. I should be able to get all the changes entered, but the final polish might not make it. Especially since I'm probably going to want to take a little time off (a week if I can hold off that long) before doing the polish.

Wish me luck. Now it gets really hard.