May 18, 2003


Well, I knew if it were going to happen it would happen suddenly, out of the blue. I was right. We found an apartment in Chicago. We're moving next month, June 20th. Almost a month exactly from today. Boom. Just like that. We're excited, scared, relieved. A whole mix of emotions.

Almost four years ago we moved to Los Angeles searching for a new life, a beginning to great things. We suffered a great deal of bad luck, and while Beth managed to graduate from art school, we still had to struggle. The dreams I had coming here atrophied like unused muscles, too boxed in by constant worry and doubt. Today those dreams have been let out of the box. They're hobbling, crawling, mewling at the sudden rush of sunlight.

Now we're moving again, back toward where we came from, searching for a new life, a fresh beginning. This is our second chance. I refuse to fail. In three years or less I will have my degree. Soon you will find my name (or pseudonym) on the bookshelves of your local bookseller. I may go on to get my MFA right away, or might wait a year or two. Depends. However, it won't be long until my dreams have healed, up and dancing--cha-cha, tango, Charleston...maybe even a kick line.

See you in dreamland.