June 13, 2003

Making the Transition

Okay. I'm going to slip out of cyber-existence for a while now while I finish getting ready for the move. The next time I blog here I'll be in Chicago. Wish me luck. See you in Central Time.

June 12, 2003

Chicago Countdown -- 6.5 days

It's still early, so I'm counting today. Sorry it's been so long for an update. As you can imagine, I've been very busy packing up my entire life for the move across the country. Though I did try to post an entry the other day, but Blogger ate it. Excuses, excuses.

Anyway, what I tried to say in my chewed-up entry is that I managed to snag a personal loan to fill the huge gap between what financial aid has given me and the actual cost of going to a private arts college like Columbia. Once again having some of the best friends in the world helped make this possible. I'm going to miss them when we move, but they're a good excuse to drag Beth back to California every once in a while. And since they're buying our Futon from us, we'll even have a place to sleep. Not to mention that in five years they plan on moving to Hawaii. Everybody should have friends in Hawaii with a comfy couch to sleep on.

So...yes! I'm starting school in the fall. Things are working out. Still some obstacles ahead (like finding a summer job in Chicago), but I'll deal with those when I get to them. And hopefully, before too long, I'll get back to The Rewrite.