March 01, 2003

Getting Complicated

The revision is getting messy, folks. I'm in there slicing away, then muddling through scenes, trying to decide how to fit some information in earlier without throwing off the whole timescale. Still, I'm slowly making progress through the manuscript, marking the hell out of the thing while collecting notes in my notebook. But I'll tell ya, if I can somehow pull all these notes together and come up with a coherent novel, it could be considered a miracle. At least, that's how it feels right now in the thick of it.

February 26, 2003

Merging, Slicing, Shaping

I'm getting into the revision flow. Made a ton of notes on how to merge several scenes in the beginning, tightening things up. Also shaped up some messy, messy first draft floundering, though I'm going to have a lot of work ahead of me when I start typing in the changes and writing new sceneage (my made-up word). But the story's tightening up. I can see it happening before my eyes and it's really cool. I'm not nearly as horrified with my writing as I thought I was going to be before I started the rewriting. Parts of it are messy, but I feel like I'm doing a good job of marshalling everything into some sort of order. And the changes I decided to make toward the second half of the first draft I'm glad for as now that I'm incorporating those changes into the beginning everything is pulling together more tightly, thickening the drama, etc.

I may actually have a damn good novel on my hands here.

February 25, 2003

School Day

No revisons today because of school and work and homework. Basically, Tuesdays and Thursdays are non-writing days. Very frustrating, as my mind continues to fiddle with the book all day long and I can't sit down and sate the urge to work on it. If ever there's a time where I get obsessive about my writing, it's during the revision stage. I absolutely can't stand knowing there's all these things wrong with the book that need fixing. I must fix them...NOW. Tomorrow I'll get a couple hours in. Then nothing on Thursday. But then it's three days straight. I'm going to try to put in some extra time over the weekend, and maybe even after class on Friday. I don't think there's any good movies coming out this weekend anyway.

February 24, 2003

Draft Two Begun

Yesterday I started in on the second draft of The Novel. What a relief to finally have started. I didn't get very far, but that's because the revisions are heavy. The story evolved a lot in the writing, and the beginning doesn't make much sense with those changes. This meant practically rewriting from scratch the first scene. I'm still not even done with it. I hit a point last night where I could no longer salvage anything from the scene and had started writing completely new scene on the back of the page. I think there's some stuff toward the end of the scene I can salvage, though. We'll see. The next scene, I know for a fact, is completely unusable now, so I'm not going to even bother with it much, except to draw big Xs across the pages.

But I'm excited now. Starting, for me, is always the hardest part of any project (writing or otherwise). But Once I get over that hump, things get a little easier. Slowly, I find myself enjoying the rewriting process. Though I still wish I could do less of it. I still wish rewriting was nothing more than a little spit and polish before sending off the manuscript to get published. Alas, I'm just not that good of a writer. Which means my only hope is in rewriting.

Clumsy Me

Did more rewriting this morning. Made considerably more progress than yesterday, but I still feel awkward in this process. I make a bunch of changes, then realize I forgot something and have to go back and make some more changes. I run out of room on the page while madly scribbling entire new sections to scenes. I realize I need some sort of new scene tucked in toward the beginning, though I'm not sure which scene. But then I get so caught up in the work that I look up and see I've gone 20 minutes over my writing time and need to get going and get ready for work. I feel like a klutz when rewriting. Yet, while I'm stumbling through the words I occasionally see glimpses of something good. The self-doubt still lingers, though. I just keep telling myself it's okay, I'm done making mistakes--I'm fixing them now.